Author: Jacob Cordova

Meet Facebook’s Robot Police

MEET Facebook’s Robot Police WHY? Facebook has recently stated that its AI would be enough to clean the platform up and ensure proper laws are always being followed. Unfortunately, many do not believe in the AI’s efficacy in maintaining an appropriate and clean platform. According to reports many of Facebook’s own engineers are skeptical. Regardless, this issue raises the question of AI’s current ability to properly monitor us and report...

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Meet the Robot Environmentalist

MEET the Robot Environmentalist WHY? Founder Somdip Dey noticed just how wasteful we can be with the food we throw out. This is why he created Nosh, an AI that helps users log their groceries and subsequent expiration dates. By monitoring your intake and shopping patterns, Nosh can save you money at the store and provide helpful recipes and tips for your...

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Meet the Robot Beethoven

MEET the Robot Beethoven WHY? Beethoven is a legend, and there is no denying that. While he has created absolute masterpieces, one of his works titled “Symphony No. 10” has remained unfinished for what many thought forever. A group of scientists and musicians came together to create an AI that would break the odds and complete Beethoven’s unfinished masterpiece. Whether or not the final work would be approved by Beethoven, no one knows for certain. But we do know that this is only the beginning of AI stepping into the creative and artistic...

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Espartaco Borga

MEET Espartaco Borga WHY? A well experienced restaurateur by the name of Espartaco Borga has been selling desserts for quite some time. However, Espartaco Borga is a perceptive man who caught onto the shifting opportunity for self service within restaurants and has capitalized on that. By utilizing AI and smart cabinets, he has created a self-serve pastry machine that transforms an entire restaurant into the smart restaurant of the...

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MEET the Robocar WHY? If you’re like me you are probably tired of not being able to eat your breakfast while driving to work. Fortunately, Baidu has unveiled a new design for a self-driving car that provides a luxury driving experience. Even if the design never makes it on the road, it is still revealing of where the next generation of auto-transportation is...

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