Author: Jacob Cordova


MEET the Robocar WHY? If you’re like me you are probably tired of not being able to eat your breakfast while driving to work. Fortunately, Baidu has unveiled a new design for a self-driving car that provides a luxury driving experience. Even if the design never makes it on the road, it is still revealing of where the next generation of auto-transportation is...

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Robot Composer

MEET the Robot Classical Music Composer WHY? Music is awesome, but sometimes we just want to listen to the instrumental or are only interested in the lyrics. Audioshake has achieved exactly that. Playing a song for 30 seconds is all the software needs to isolate the components and give you voice, base, guitar, and anything else by itself. You don’t have to be a million dollar producer now to isolate the components of your favorite...

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Robot Contract Lawyer

MEET the Robot Contract Lawyer WHY? If any of you have ever bothered to read the terms and conditions, you would understand how long, complicated, and cumbersome contracts can be. Casepoint knows this and has set out to create an AI that can read, understand, and translate contracts into simple and basic terms for the user to easily follow. By taking interpretations from the best legal minds in the field, Casepoint is trying to turn your ignoring of the terms and conditions into a guilt-free experience. ...

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Robot Pick Up Artist

MEET the Robot Pick Up Artist WHY? If you’ve ever tried to approach someone at the bar, you may be familiar with the art of pick up lines. Many are gifted, while many others struggle. A team at digital health and wellness clinic Medzino have tested an AI designed to assist in this rough process for many. The results showed the simple coffee requests proved to be more effective as opposed to more presumptuous requests. Regardless, it is hard to tell how AI will shake up the dating scene for humans. Next time someone swipes right and asks you...

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MEET UNA WHY? Digital travel agents are nothing new, but UNA is one of the AI powered agents that acts as a one-stop-shop for people looking to get out and travel soon. UNA, unlike many of its competitors – human and robot alike – is unique because it is utilizing its data to predict trips for its customers. Once it gets enough of a feel for your travel preferences, UNA wants to be able to pitch an entire trip for you without any leg work required from...

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