Author: Jordan McGee


Why?   Summer is the season where people love to go to the beach or enjoy various water sports. That being said, communication between someone onshore and someone in the water is not always easy. SeaTalkie provides a waterproof walkie talkie that allows people to communicate in water as well as on land. The device is perfect for parents who want to call their children back to shore or lifeguards who wish to alert people of potential danger. The walkie talkie is secure and can either be worn through a strap or by clipping it on to oneself. SeaTalkie...

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NBA ‘Smart’ Ring

Why?   With the NBA resuming its season, there is still a concern about players contracting Covid-19. Although the players will be isolated at Disney World, the NBA still wants to ensure its participants’ safety. That being said, the NBA has partnered with Oura, a company that has distributed state of the art rings that track sleep, pulse, movement, heart activity, and temperature. Players have been instructed to wear the ring at all times as it will help track possible symptoms of Covid-19 three days in advance with ninety percent accuracy.   ...

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Trace Action Sports Tracker

Why?   The start of summer brings back a handful of seasonal activities, and the Trace Action Sports Tracker looks to be the hot commodity amongst adrenaline junkies. The product is popular amongst the surfing, kiteboarding, and snowboarding communities and is certain to expand to others. By directly attaching the tracking beacon under one’s board, the tracker uses state of the art technology to provide various statistics about any given session. All of these metrics are found on the Trace Tech Specs app, which simultaneously uses the tracker to gather the data.  ...

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The Ultrasound App

Life is quite complicated, but it appears things just got simpler. Billions of people around the world lack access to medical imaging, but with the creation of Butterfly iQ, that number is sure to decrease. Jonathan Rothberg, a Yale genetics researcher, and serial entrepreneur was successful in harnessing the technology of ultrasound technology and making it accessible by simply plugging a device into an iPhone. The gadget retailed at $2,000 last year and was only available to medical professionals. A $100,000 ultrasound machine can now fit in one’s pocket for only a fraction of the...

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Drones & Medicine

For the past four months, UPS has been conducting a trial program in Raleigh, North Carolina, which uses the AI drones to deliver medical samples from opposing wings of a hospital one hundred fifty yards apart. The trial dubbed “Flight Forward” has already received FAA approval to expand to 20 hospitals around the U.S. UPS, however, is not the only company to dive into the world of drone delivery. We now find ourselves in a future where the skies are occupied by more than just birds and airplanes.  Drones will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of aviation...

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