Author: Jordan McGee


One of the biggest criticisms of videogames is that it replaces traditional physical exercise and promotes poor posture. However, this may no longer be the case as virtual reality video games may feature more user activity. Quell, is a game that utilizes motion-sensing gloves and resistance straps as the player punches their way through a fantasy storyline while getting a high-intensity workout. Sticking to a strict exercise regime can be tedious and hard to follow, but games like Quell are making the connection between gaming and exercising.  ...

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Cashierless Checkout

Walking into a gas station and having to interact with a cashier is a thing of the past due to the efforts of the hot new startup, Standard Cognition. The company has gained the public’s recognition for harnessing artificial intelligence to create a checkout system that does not require a cashier. Standard Cognition has already announced a partnership with Alimentation Couche-Tard to set up a pilot test for their AI checkout system. If the trial is successful, other convenient stores like Circle K likely adopt the system, signifying a new approach to how businesses run their checkout system.  ...

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Bose Frames

Why?   Since its conception, Bose has been one of the leading pioneers in the audio entertainment industry, realizing products that have redefined how we enjoy music. Bose’s innovation is on full display with its latest product, the “Bose Frames,” which offer stylish sunglasses, built-in speakers. The speakers are directed towards the wearer so that others hear little to no noise while the user experiences Bose’s optimal sound quality. Bose Frames might indicate the course technology is headed, where a single item can serve multiple purposes.  ...

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The OrCam MyMe – Redefining Social Interactions

Why?   Have you ever met someone but instantly forgotten their name? If that is the case, then the OrCam MyMe is sure to make your life quite easier. The device is the first AI gadget of its kind, featuring a clip-on micro camera that uses facial recognition technology to put names to faces. When someone stands in the shot of the camera, it sends a notification to the user’s phone and allowing them to type in the name of that person. The device also allows you to store these people into different categories on one’s phone, ultimately making...

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Meet the Mind Behind Google Cloud’s Artificial Intelligence

Why?   It is no secret that Google is one of the most innovative companies of all time, and their discoveries in AI capabilities receive quite the amount of attention. What does go unnoticed is the credit that must be given to the brains of the operation. Meet Fei-Fei Li, the Chief Scientist of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Google Cloud. Li is cited for emphasizing diversity when it comes to developing AI, and her goal is to introduce AI capabilities to underrepresented groups or smaller businesses in today’s society. Through Li’s leadership and vision working with Google,...

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