Author: Jordan McGee

Art and AI Intersect

In the past, science and art have been seen as two separate disciplines; however, recently, we have seen how the two have become increasingly intertwined. Sougwen Chung is a world-renowned artist who also has a background in artificial intelligence serving as a researcher at MIT’s media lab, a leading center for human and machine collaboration. Chung has garnered artist’s and scientists’ attention due to her artistic style, which acts as an intersection between technology and arts. Chung has developed a system that measures her brain waves and consists of a robot arm that paints alongside her. This could very...

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AI detects Asymptomatic Covid-19 Infections Through Cellphone-Recorded Coughs

A lot of confusion surrounding the pandemic has been the possibility of people being infected without showing any symptoms. In turn, these people are less likely to seek out testing and can be unknowingly spreading the virus to others. Researchers recently sampled tens of thousands of recordings of people coughing who had tested positive for the virus and those who had tested negative. The team built an AI model capable of indicating key points in the recordings that could be cross-referenced to identify asymptomatic people who had contracted the virus. The team is currently attempting to harness the AI...

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Covid-19 Disinfecting Robot

Creatives have come up with new measures to combat the Corona Virus, and  Nevoa President, Ernest Cunningham, is one of the ones leading the charge. Cunningham, out of Arizona, created the NimbusTM robot that eliminates airborne pathogens. The machine has already been distributed to over 600 hospitals to limit cases to healthcare workers who are tasked with working with those infected. However, the Nimbus was not only created as a response to Covid -19; rather, it has the capability to eliminate various bacterias. Inventions like these are not only saving lives today but also sets us up for a...

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AI Helps Enforce Mask Wearing at College Football Games

With the return of College Football across the country, Universities are forced to evaluate how they plan on providing a safe environment for fans attending games. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has employed the use of AI technology that detects when people are not wearing masks and not abiding by social distancing protocols. The hope is that these measures will help reduce the possibility of spreading the virus and continue to allow fans to attend the games. So far, cases stemming from attending sporting events have been minimal, which can largely be attributed to efforts like...

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Smoothie-making Robot

As automation has continued to make its way into the food industry, Walmart has just introduced a new way of preparing smoothies. In a time where everything has turned contactless, a smoothie-making robot provides a safer alternative to traditional smoothie bars. Consumers can place their order via app or QR code, and the machine then selects the desired ingredients, blends it, and then pours it into a cup. The “Blendid” can make up to 45 drinks an hour and nine drinks at the same time, making it not only a safer but more efficient alternative to man-made smoothies. We...

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