Author: Lindsay Hand


MEET ROSE WHY? A fun, sassy, personality-filled concierge who can answer questions and give recommendations quickly over text seems almost too good to be true. But that’s the new normal at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, where Rose, an AI-powered robot concierge, can give restaurant recommendations, play games, and even crack jokes. For anything Rose can’t handle, there is still a human concierge to help. More than anything, Rose’s personality is what makes this bot so special and which helps to elevate the guest experience.   Are you an AI or machine learning game-changer? Please complete this form no later than...

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Mike Curtis

MEET MIKE CURTIS WHY? If you’re trying to make Airbnb a better all-around experience, with better host/guest matches, what do you do? Increase the company’s use of artificial intelligence. Mike Curtis, VP Engineering at Airbnb, recognizes the importance of AI in the hospitality industry and has been at the forefront of driving the company’s use of this up-and-coming technology. Machine learning allows Airbnb to learn more about you as a guest and personalize search results based on that information to provide the best experience possible. Curtis recognizes the importance of how the tech affects consumers in the real world....

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MEET CONNIE WHY? Getting restaurant recommendations from a robot sounds like the future…but the future is now. Hilton has teamed up with IBM to create Connie, a Watson- and WayBlazer-enabled robot hotel concierge. Connie learns on the job, gaining more insights through increased guest interaction. Named after Hilton’s founder Conrad Hilton, Connie represents IBM’s first foray with Watson into the hospitality sector. According to the press release, “Connie will work side-by-side with Hilton’s Team Members to assist with visitor requests, personalize the guest experience and empower travelers with more information to help them plan their trips.”   Are you...

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