Author: Nancy A. Shenker


Will the professor of the future be human? Technology is transforming not only what we learn but also HOW we learn. Just in time for back-to-school season, study-up on the ed-tech...

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Captain Kirk

MEET CAPTAIN KIRK (James T. Kirk) WHY? Yes…we really mean THAT Captain Kirk…from the original Star Trek. In 1968 an episode called “The Ultimate Computer” aired. The M-5 system was designed to handle all ship functions without human assistance, not unlike the self-driving vehicles of today. But, of course, something went awry. At first, Kirk resisted the machine (like many of us do when faced with new technology). But the real human error emerged when the M-5’s inventor, Dr. Richard Daystrom, refused to believe that the machine needed some fine-tuning before it was given total control. In fact, because...

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