Author: Nancy A. Shenker

Jana Eggers

MEET JANA EGGERS WHY? Jana is the CEO of Nara Logics, a company working to use AI to help companies make better decisions. In addition to this groundbreaking work, Jana also speaks often about the importance of AI and what people and companies need to do to be ready for AI. In her view, being ready begins with a shift in mindset: “Thirty years ago, we were looking at numbers and coming up with answers. That’s what we’re comfortable with. What we need to get to is that cultural shift where we’re OK with trying different things and being...

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MEET SALLY WHY? Making a salad has never been easier. Sally the Salad Robot is one of the latest innovations in the food service industry, and with a few taps on a screen will make a salad. It isn’t hard to picture Sally – as well as similar robots – showing up all over, in places like cafeterias and airports. In the words of creator Dr. Deepak Sekar, “The kitchen of the future will have humans and robots working together. Human chefs will develop the recipes, while robots perform repetitive...

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Jim D’Arcangelo

MEET JIM D’ARCANGELO WHY? Starting with his work as at teen intern on the first IBM PCs at IBM while at Princeton, and with an eye on monetizing high-growth tech companies, Jim has been at the forefront of every marketing automation, machine-driven initiative for scaling businesses over the last 30 years.  But he never forgets about humans! Jim’s leadership philosophy and doctoral level Organizational Development academic training and skills give him a unique perspective.  As machines become increasingly pervasive in business,  collaborative partnerships between humans and machines has evolved slowly but will escalate quickly and will have a sweeping...

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Adelyn Zhou

MEET ADELYN ZHOU WHY? Adelyn is Chief Marketing Officer of Topbots, an education, advisory, and research company keeping a close eye on applied AI, especially for Fortune 500 companies. Many members of the company write extensively on AI for a number of outlets including Forbes,, and Venturebeat, and Topbots has worked with a variety of companies, from Moet Hennessy and WPP to L’Oreal and Paypal. Adelyn actively promotes AI through Topbots and writing for Forbes and VentureBeat. While discussed chatbots, she explained: “People don’t know what to make of bots and what they are. They may have tried a...

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MEET EINSTEIN WHY? Not Albert…Salesforce Einstein. Like its namesake, it’s genius. And its “parent company” is honest in defining what it can and cannot do. This report on the website states, “Salesforce Einstein is not a ‘general AI’ offering that attempts human-like perception, thinking and action. Rather, Einstein is an intelligence capability built into the Salesforce platform and focused on delivering smarter customer relationship management (CRM). The features are designed to discover insights, predict outcomes, recommend actions and automate tasks.” Watson and Einstein are even joining forces. Now if we could only get people to collaborate like...

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