Author: Nancy A. Shenker

Paul Roetzer

MEET PAUL ROETZER WHY? Paul is one of the leaders of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute (MAII), launched in Fall 2016 to tell the story of AI through the technology leaders building the solutions, and the marketers who are using AI to evolve their businesses and careers. In Paul’s words, “We hope to inspire the next generation of AI tools, purpose-built for use cases identified and championed by the MAII community.”   Learn more about the MAII...

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MEET FIN WHY? Human executive assistants don’t work constantly and can be very expensive. Fin is here to change that. The perfect balance of humans and technology, Fin uses voice recognition and transcription to do almost anything you ask – look things up, call someone, send an email, make purchases…the list goes on and on. You can even copy Fin on emails so it knows to add to your calendar! By understanding you and learning your preferences, Fin is the 24/7 assistant we’ve all been looking...

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Boris Sofman

MEET BORIS SOFMAN WHY? Sofman is part of the founding team of Anki, another company working to make AI technology more accessible to everyone. Anki’s focus is on bringing AI into consumers’ lives, a prime example of which is Cozmo. Sofman noted that we are in a period of “new technology where every industry has to rethink how they...

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MEET HOPPER WHY? One of a number of AI products in the travel space, Hopper aims to make booking trips easier by using machine learning to recommend best times to book flights. Praised by countless outlets including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Hopper is definitely worth keeping an eye on as the travel AI industry continues to...

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Greg Brockman

MEET GREG BROCKMAN WHY? Brockman is one of the leading minds in the AI space and co-founded OpenAI, a unified attempt to make artificial intelligence technology more accessible for everyone. The company focuses on AI research into how to make AI as safe as possible and as available as possible. “There was one problem that I could imagine happily working on for the rest of my life: moving humanity to safe human-level AI. It’s hard to imagine anything more amazing and positively impactful than successfully creating AI, so long as it’s done in a good...

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