Author: Nancy A. Shenker


MEET HOPPER WHY? One of a number of AI products in the travel space, Hopper aims to make booking trips easier by using machine learning to recommend best times to book flights. Praised by countless outlets including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Hopper is definitely worth keeping an eye on as the travel AI industry continues to...

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Greg Brockman

MEET GREG BROCKMAN WHY? Brockman is one of the leading minds in the AI space and co-founded OpenAI, a unified attempt to make artificial intelligence technology more accessible for everyone. The company focuses on AI research into how to make AI as safe as possible and as available as possible. “There was one problem that I could imagine happily working on for the rest of my life: moving humanity to safe human-level AI. It’s hard to imagine anything more amazing and positively impactful than successfully creating AI, so long as it’s done in a good...

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MEET MARCEL WHY? Publicity stunt at Cannes or true disrupter of the ad agency model? We don’t know yet. But worldwide agency giant Publicis is skipping big conferences next year to invest in its proprietary AI system, which seems to be both a personal assistant and a replacement for Slack. A “conventional” agency that knows how to spell AI is rare, so Marcel is on the list primarily because it represents a much-needed step forward in what has become a rather stale industry. Don Draper would be...

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David Zielinski

MEET DAVID ZIELINSKI WHY? Owner of Skiwood Communications and a business writer, David works closely with SHRM (Society of Human Resource Manager) and high-level recruiters and has recently focused his research on how AI and Machine Learning will impact the HR and hiring management system. In a recent article, David wrote: “Rather than having to navigate websites, send e-mails or make phone calls—and often wait for responses—employees can use these artificial intelligence (AI) tools to get quick, voice- or text-delivered answers to questions about paid time off, benefits eligibility, retirement savings, work schedules, and even career planning or performance...

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MEET SOUNDHOUND WHY? While SoundHound might seem like just simple music recognition software, it is so much more. With its new Houndify platform, SoundHound is at the forefront of voice-enabled AI. Being able to talk to your technology the same way you talk to the people around you? Sounds like the future to...

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