Author: Thomas Hagen

Sarah Cooper

Meet Sarah Cooper Why? Sarah Cooper is calling BS on all the people saying they are using AI. In her Cooper Review she clearly outlines how to stay on top of the new year with 10 ways to be an AI expert. Start sounding like an AI genius!...

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Bill Magnuson

Meet Bill Magnuson WHY? Other than his passion for Ultimate Frisbee, Bill Magnuson has a deep passion for AI, tech, and computers. Currently he is the CEO of Braze, a cutting edge technology company that uses AI to drive engagement to brands. Unlike most AI systems he focuses on making the program as human as possible. Creepy, but it definitely works!...

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Meet Pixlee WHY? Data has shown that consumers want to interact with humans rather than robots. That’s where Pixlee comes in. Pixlee helps companies find that particular person, AKA an influencers, that will charm customers with every picture they take. It’s like a dating site for influencers and businesses!...

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Meet Teamwork WHY? Started back in 1999 as an agency, the team at Teamwork has made it their mission to destroy whiteboards at work. Yes, this sounds funny, but it is true! Since then they have three separate programs that allow any management team to be organized and on top of their tasks. Their products allow management to set important deadlines, be in constant contact with members, and check the progress of current projects. Whether it be a small business, an agency, or a management team, projects always need organizing and Teamwork helps accomplish this. See ya later old...

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Jim Stengel

Meet Jim Stengel WHY? Jim Stengel is notably known for his year being the CMO at Proctor and Gamble. His leadership and guidance brought P&G remarkable sales for 25 consecutive quarters. For this reason, he has been given the slightly creepy name of the “Godfather of Marketing.” On a lighter note, Jim now works at his own company teaching businesses the importance of building a purpose that inspires employees and customers. Getting to this point of success has taken Jim more than 20 years, but like any Godfather it took hard work to get to this...

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