Author: Thomas Hagen

Cindy Gallop

Meet Cindy Gallop WHY? Cindy is a sex tech entrepreneur that’s using her online and consulting influence to break the walls surrounding online sexual content. As she sees it, people only classify internet content as; “pornography” and “no adult content.” But to her, this stigma is making sex (and even sex ed) into a taboo topic rather than a normal part of adult’s lives. That’s why her goal is to make her online blog, Make Love Not Porn, into the “Khan Academy of Sex” and destroy this internet wall....

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Meet Ohnut WHY? Few things are worse than painful sex. (Unless you’re into that, but we’re not touching that topic.) The creators of Ohnut set out to solve that. It acts as a buffer during sex and increases enjoyment for both partners (or just one if it’s used with a toy) to reduce pain. Plus, it’s backed by medical professionals!...

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Porn and Crypto

Meet Porn and Crypto WHY? Sex is timeless and crypto is current. Companies like Vice Industry Token and Spankchain have popped  up; ensuring privacy, fair payment practices, and security to viewers’ accounts. Crypto also helps content creators like cam workers keep their finances safer. The porn industry comprises about 30 percent of web content, and this new form of currency can add a layer of security to the unclad....

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Marina Adshade

Meet Marina Adshade WHY? Marina is an economist and a professor at The University of British Columbia, whose primary focus is the economics of sex and love. Students love her Economics of Sex and Love class (and you can guess why!) Her  Dollars and Sex blog covers topics ranging from monogamy to sex work even to teen sex, and she covers even the most complex topics fearlessly and...

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Meet Maude WHY? Maude’s products aim to please and make purchasing bedroom goodies less overwhelming and scary. Their vibrators are aesthetically pleasing, gender-inclusive, and approachable. The tech itself is the same as most. In fact, it only has three speeds (not unlike an old fashioned bicycle).  The look, however, is contemporary and simple. Sort of like the Ikea of sex accessories. No assembly required. But like all the products, their vibrator is give the users an added level of convenience and enjoyment, with a USB charging port and travel pouch, for pleasure all the time. And an added bonus,...

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