Author: Thomas Hagen


MEET PIC2RECIPE WHY? Do you ever end up scrolling through post after post about food on Facebook or Instagram, and think “wow that looks so good” or “I wish I could make that?”. Well thanks to Pic2Recipe you can find the recipe or a recipe to a similar dish you like! Created by researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence laboratory, Pic2Recipe is a platform programed to learn that has been trained to look at an image of a food dish, dissect all of its ingredients and then suggest new or other recipes for similar dishes. So next...

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McDonald’s Kiosks

MEET MCDONALDS KIOSK WHY? Many chains are making fast food even faster with new tech through the use of a next-generation kiosk. Kiosks in the food industry aren’t new. But McDonalds is adding their own “secret sauce” with a kiosk created by ZIVELO. The self-order platform empowers customers and cuts wait time. McDonalds is testing this new technology in five cities, including New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. If successful McDonalds’ CEO, Steve Easterbrook plans to add in all 14,000 of their US restaurants. Soon “Do you want fries with that?” may be asked by a bot. Check out this quick video on how they...

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