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Meet Frigonda WHY? Tired of burning your tongue on too-hot coffee? Can’t wait for an iced beverage Machine to the rescue! Frigonda is a microwave that heats food and drinks and then instantly cools them down! It blasts extremely cold air onto the object to flash-freeze, similar to professional blast-chilling.   Chill out for a minute and watch...

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Meet Sowlo WHY? No headphones. No problem.  Noveto is the proud creator of Sowlo, a technology that sends any audio directly to someone’s ears — focused audio. Its system constantly tracks a user’s ear location.  Will we be bidding farewell to ear buds and clunky headphones sometime soon? That’s music to our...

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Hydrogen One

Meet Hydrogen One: WHY? This RED Hydrogen One smartphone is what Leia needed in the first StarWars movie! The Hydrogen One is latest smartphone coming to 2018, but it’s different from everyone else. Instead of increasing its camera capabilities, RED stepped up the smartphone game by adding 2D and 3D holographic videos! The smartphone is the start for RED’s future multi-dimensional media system, they consider the Hydrogen One as the module hub. So in the near future they will be coming out with something more spectacular than holographic...

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Sophia the Robot

Meet Sophia the Robot WHY? This brilliant robot might be the most talked about AI of 2018. Sophia, made by Hanson Robotics, is the world’s first robotic media darling. Her surprising awareness of human emotion has made Sophia into a modern day icon. Made to be the perfect AI, Sophia was giving creativity, empathy, and compassion as her three main traits. Although these traits combine to make Sophia truly remarkable her other skills make her incredible. With her super genius AI programing Sophia is able to help make decisions humans could never think of. Could Sophia be the start...

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Meet CIMON WHY? Hey Siri… wait Alexa? Nope it’s neither its CIMON! Finally astronauts will be getting their own “home” assistant named CIMON made by Airbus. Recently in late June CIMON was sent out with SpaceX’s cargo rocket to the International Space Station, there it will assist and learn with current and future astronauts staying at the station. Hopefully with the start of this friendship, space exploration will become a joint effort between humans and machines. PS it moves easily with NO GRAVITY, so cool!   Here’s a quick video about...

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