Author: Thomas Hagen

Romance Scams

Romance Scams WHY? Love hurts, but in 2018 it really hurt. The pain was felt by 21 thousand American who fell victim to Romance Scams. What are they? Simply put, they involve online flirtation with a fake person on social media. After romances bloom, schemers usually asks the “lover” for emergency cash. Then boom! Gotcha!  According to The Hill, these fakes usually target people between 40-60, and cannot meet in person because they are “stationed abroad.” Dater beware! No shame in Googling your potential love...

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Marcia Sirota

Meet Marcia Sirota WHY? Sometimes embracing the machine, especially with regard to sex and romance, is hard. When tech is added to sex, it can either become exciting or the complete opposite. Marcia Sirota believes the latter, and that this generation is facing that concern head-on. Marcia is a speaker, coach, writer, and psychiatrist who believes technology takes the love/emotion away from a romance. If you’ve ever seen a couple on their phones during a date, do you think “oh that’s romantic?” NO! And that’s Marcia’s...

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Meet Vibease WHY? Don’t be embarrassed if you love juicy novels. But now Vibease adds a little extra tingle to your literary tastes. It’s a vibrator that listens to romantic audiobooks on the user’s phone and then automatically does its thing as a reaction to the content (if you know what we mean). No book handy? It also featured ambient noise. It’s hands-free and it will transport the user straight into the novel with just one click. And if this isn’t enough, Vibease’s technology allows your partner to control it with a touch of a button —  perfect for...

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Christopher Trout

Meet Christopher Trout WHY? Christopher Trout might be the greatest guinea pig for weird and sexy gadgets. He is not only the Executive Editor for Engadget, Distro and Box Magazine, but he is also a front runner when trying out newest gadgets and gismos on the market; sort of like the Guy Fieri of the sex toys. He’ll go out in search of new things, and when he finds them, he lets the whole world know via his personal blog! His (let’s say) conquests range from R-rated VR to automatic toys. Christopher’s personal blog lets everyone know about the...

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AutoBlow 2

Meet AutoBlow 2 WHY? Self-explanatory, right? Yup. AutoBlow 2 is a male self-pleasure toy that mimics oral sex (aka felatio or BJ). The AutoBlow’s claim to fame is it’s automatic movement abilities and changing speeds. AutoBlow comes in three sizes and three shapes, so no man will feel left out of the excitement.  Lonely dudes everywhere rejoice!...

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