Author: Thomas Hagen

Cliff Tironi

Meet Cliff Tironi WHY? Most college students dread the day they receive their grades. Cliff Tironi is changing those moments into teaching moments. He is a Manager of Performance Analytics at the Fox School of Business, Temple University and also the co-founder of Roadmap, a report card that has been re-packaged to help students learn where they need to focus and where their competencies are. Finally a report card that will help students learn!...

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Meet ConnectPath WHY? A large portion of a high schooler’s life is trying to get into a college. Everyone knows this process is the most stressful and difficult part of a junior’s year. ConnectPath’s AI and platform were created to make college admissions a breeze. Talk to a current student, or talk to a chatbot at anytime of the day with any question. ConnectPath will connect any student to the right college or university!...

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Meet iClicker WHY? A very common technology that’s changing the classrooms at college is the iClicker! Easy to use, this remote allows lecturers to engage with hundreds of students all at once. The platform collects stats and accounts for attendance! Just one more step colleges are taking to make huge lectures seems small and inclusive....

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Meet Mondopad WHY? Higher learning and education doesn’t have to be in a classroom full of college students. In certain universities teachers are emphasizing the importance of collaboration anywhere, anytime. Thanks to Mondopad, a touch screen collaboration system, students will be able to work face-to-face with people all over the world! Study groups go global — using technology to expand students’ horizons. Check out this video to see...

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Meet Bookcreator WHY? Book creation has never been easier thanks to Bookcreator. This one stop shop for creating and discovering how to make books is perfect for anyone who wants to dabble with their imagination. Bookcreator is compatible for a single user or even classrooms! This application is a perfect way to help drive imagination and artistic passion....

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