Author: Thomas Hagen

Danielle Gould

Meet Danielle Gould WHY? Communicating new food technologies helps manufacturers and chefs adapt more quickly.  Danielle Gould, CEO and creator of Food + Tech Connect (FTC), believes that food industry success relies on innovation and collaboration. FTC is a platform for sharing “information and connections people need to re-engineer the food system.” Recently Gould also launched “Food + Tech Ed”, a learning community dedicated to helping food entrepreneurs succeed. With more FTC innovations, technology in the food industry will be shared much faster!      ...

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Meet Foodpairing WHY? Which foods taste good together is an art — and now a science. The team at Foodpairing has created a machine learning program called the “Inspire Tool” to figure out, using aroma, which foods “match.” It’s these complex aroma patterns within food that contribute to taste. For example, strawberries and chocolate pair well  because they have similar roasted aromas that complement each other. Although this program is currently fairly basic, one day soon a robot may be picking your side dishes and wine.    ...

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Meet Spyce WHY? Four college engineers and a world renowned chef walk into a bar… And no one would expect what happened next. Spyce, a fast casual dining experience run by a robotic kitchen was recently created by Brady Knight, Michael Farid, Luke Schlueter and Kale Rogers, graduates of MIT. Based in Boston this stand alone store brings customers meals originating from Thailand to the Morocco. The way the robots work is simple. A fridge containing all the ingredients drop the food items into a hopper. The hopper then dispenses the food into a Wok, heated by induction for...

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Penny the Robot

Meet Penny the Robot   Why? Food preparation and management are costly and demanding jobs. Bear Robotics has developed an automatic running and bussing robot that is cutting server errors and is bringing an exciting twist to customers’ meals. This robot, which aims to resemble Rosie from The Jetsons, is named Penny the Robot. While Penny gets the check and busses food, workers and owners will be able to focus more on food creation and their customers’ satisfaction. Equipped with sensors and self-driving technology, Penny is able to navigate through restaurants, avoiding people and obstacles. The idea of having...

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John Miller

Meet John Miller Why?   CEO and Chairman of Cali Group, John Miller has figured out a genius way to “stress test” new restaurant technologies. In the Group’s CaliBurger restaurant locations, the company develops its automated solutions for preparing and serving food and delighting guests. The “restaurant of the future” includes a robot burger flipper, e-sports to keep guests entertained, and facial recognition that enables fast food diners to order and pay with just a glance. He revealed his vision at the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show during a panel called “The Future of...

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