Author: Thomas Hagen


Meet Wayve WHY? Driverless cars are the future right? Well, maybe cars that can teach themselves to drive are the future. At least that’s what Wayve is saying. This company has produced a program that allows their cars to teach themselves how to properly drive under 20 mins. It’s crazy that it takes 16 year olds six months to ever try to drive on their own. Maybe we should take notes from...

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Meet Frobot WHY? In recent years the new dessert fad of frozen yogurt has dominated local malls and cities. The ability to mix and match so many flavors into one little cup brings hundreds of people to shops everyday, but this all comes at a huge cost. Real estate and wage expenses pile up very quickly leaving business owners struggling just to get the next cup of yogurt out. Frobot, a kiosk robot, take all of these worries away. Frobot is small, efficient, and gives customers amazingly fresh yogurt! The kiosk design is mobile and cheap, but more importantly...

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Meet TomatoTek WHY? Tomato, Tomahto… Right? Well some people at Woodside Electronic Company (WECO) don’t agree, and for that reason they’ve developed a sorting machine called TomatoTek. This machine’s magical like sorting skills are attributed to a high resolution optical sorting technology, which is able to relocate green and red tomatoes to their respective areas within a blink of an eye. However, all of this amazing technology should not be a surprise. WECO has been sorting through the industry since 1976. Other than tomatoes, WECO is an expert in sorting berries, nuts, corn, olives, and all SORTs of foods....

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Henry Hu

Meet Henry Hu Why? Former college dropout, now coffee connoisseur, Henry Hu has developed a new edge within the Coffee business. While attending Babson University, Henry’s obsession for coffee sparked a brilliant idea. He created the world’s first robot-powered café in the United States. With the help of his family and the money he gained from selling his car and receiving the Thiel Fellowship, Henry was able to developed CafeX, a robotic barista. Encased in glass, his robot is able to make just about any coffee! Thanks to his invention, all coffee addicts can get their fix within...

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Meet Creator WHY? The burger wars are on! And we’re not just talking about BK vs. McDonalds! A new robot burger maker has entered the industry. This robotic chef, developed by Creator, is equipped to assemble, cook, and serve amazing burgers. Designed to look like a contraption from Willy Wonka’s factory, this robot uses precision measurements and AI to make a burger that will make anyone’s mouth water. Creator’s robot may become a rival to Flippy, who we profiled here [Here]. Watch this video to see it in action! Via...

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