Author: Thomas Hagen


Meet zSpace WHY? As the 21st century keeps moving along, classrooms need to move with it. That’s why zSpace was created; to make a space for VR and AR to meet with students and teachers. zSpace encourages learners to inquire, take risks, solve problems, and discover, all while building an interest in STEM learning and careers....

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Meet Kahoot WHY? Who said business and education can’t be fun! Kahoot definitely did not. Kahoot is a online platform that uses quiz and trivia type games to drive learning in school and in the office. You can either use previous games or make personalized games. A great way to engage the next generation....

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Meet KOOV WHY? Created by Sony, this coding and robotic platform aims to bring STEM to life and nurture the next generation of problem solvers. KOOV strives to achieve this goal in three main steps. Step one is to play: students are able to physically create and expand their imaginations by creating their own robots. Step two is to code: students at this point break the point of imagination and bring their creations to life with in depth coding. Students learn how to bring ideas to reality. Finally step three is to create: students now can go beyond their...

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Presentation Translator

Meet Presentation Translator WHY? This add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint is changing the ways teachers are able to reach their students. Although this technology sounds basic, it is far from it. With machine learning technology, the plugin creates real-time subtitles of what the teacher is saying, displaying them below the presentation. This allows students to learn in a more comfortable way....

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CyberChase Shape Quest

Meet CyberChase Shape Quest WHY? The CyberChase Shape Quest game is an augmented reality driven educational platform that teaches children ages 6-9 about problem solving, geometry, shapes, and spatial reasoning. With an app and a gameboard, children face hours of fun games that challenge them to think outside of the box....

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