Author: Thomas Hagen


Meet Saeran WHY? He’s a handsome man, with white blond hair, golden eyes, a large tattoo on his shoulder, but he has a large secret. He might be a smooth talker and quite charming, but he isn’t capable of loving someone. The problem being, he isn’t Human. He is a character from Mystic Messenger, a dating sim created by Cheritz. Characters like Saeran encourage the player of the dating sim to form relationships in order to win the game. Although this is just a sim, some players (coining themselves: dedicated romantic gamers) look at this as a new type...

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Meet Happn WHY? Like in real estate, location can be everything. That also applies to the dating app Happn. Happn uses location technology to show if you and another user have been crossing paths recently. If so, give them a like and see if they want to meet in real life! And don’t worry about privacy, because if you don’t want to meet them, Happn has you covered with their enhanced privacy functions....

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VR Sex Education

Meet VR Sex Education WHY? Remember that super-awkward day in elementary/middle school where you and your classmates had to learn about “sex stuff”? Well now there’s a different way to have the talk” and it’s in VR. Thanks to researchers at Georgia Tech and Emory, people will be able to learn about safe sex practices, ways to combat STIs, and ways to prevent unplanned pregnancies. This program is aimed towards young women of color, but the program has to ability to spread virally (in a good way)....

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The Red Light Center

Meet Red Light Center (NSFW) WHY? Finding a safe and accepting environment to explore one’s sexual fantasies is harder than finding that missing sock you’ve been looking for since last summer. Thankfully that’s changing now with websites like The Red Light Center. This is a virtual world where you can become and discover whoever and whatever you want. Maybe you want to change yourself or find that ideal sex partner, now you can do both with no fear of being judged. And with online tech always changing, platforms like The Red Light Center might merge from a place where...

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Meet GumGum WHY? We all know those convenient ads that are constantly following us around online and somehow end up on our phones. Now GumGum, an AI technology company, is targeting clusters of people that share common interests and online behaviors. Big brands like Disney and Samsung are using it and according to Inc. and Adweek it’s taking marketing to the next level of efficiency. Next time your on Facebook or surfing the web, try to figure out what cluster your part of. For example take a look at how the AI matched this Coke ad with instructions to...

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