Author: Thomas Hagen

AutoBlow 2

Meet AutoBlow 2 WHY? Self-explanatory, right? Yup. AutoBlow 2 is a male self-pleasure toy that mimics oral sex (aka felatio or BJ). The AutoBlow’s claim to fame is it’s automatic movement abilities and changing speeds. AutoBlow comes in three sizes and three shapes, so no man will feel left out of the excitement.  Lonely dudes everywhere rejoice!...

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Bryony Cole

Meet Bryony Cole WHY? What’s the future of sex? This woman has some of the answers. Bryony is a expert, a leader, and a pioneer in sextech, femtech, and human sexuality, with more than 15 years of social media, content creation, and consulting experience; ranging from her own companies to Yammer and Fuze. In 2012, she realized that the sextech industry was booming — up to $20B in revenue. Bryony now influences consumers, technologists, and sextech experts through her company (Future of Sex), media outlets (including a top-ranked podcast), and her position with the Women of Sex community. Find...

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Meet Harmony WHY? We are getting into bed (literally)some uncharted territory. The creators of Harmony, an AI-powered sex doll (and the most advanced “woman” of her kind on the market), think they could be the future of sex and relationships. She is always trying to learn exactly what her partner loves. Some believe this type of relationship will outweigh Human to Human relationships by 2050! Others believe that they present a very unsexy...

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Peter Diamandis

Meet Peter Diamandis WHY? Peter is a world-renowned leader, entrepreneur of over 20 successful companies, and a visionary when it comes to the tech world. But that’s not why he’s on this month’s list. He is here because he is exploring the future of relationships and sex in a tech-centric world. His provocative blog about the next sexual revolutions reveals some interesting stats and raises key questions....

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Meet Badoo WHY? Getting over that last ex can be such a difficult task; and frequently impossible. Everyone has his or her type, so why not just keep it when looking for that next person? That’s where Badoo gets involved. It uses AI and facial recognition to find someone that’s a lookalike to that last Ex or even a favorite celebrity and matches him or her with you. An extreme dating strategy, but if it works, it works....

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